Pimples on Neck Causes, Types, on Back, Front, Chin, Pictures and How...

Pimples on Neck Causes, Types, on Back, Front, Chin, Pictures and How to Get Rid of Them

What do pimples on neck mean or what triggers neck pimples? Neck pimples are fretting most and can be affect self-esteem especially when they are larger and can be easily spotted.

How can I get rid of neck pimples? Well, don’t freak, after going through the causes of pimples on neck (on front and back of the neck, on chin and cheek), types of neck pimples and how to getting rid of neck pimples, you will have a complete comprehension about every aspect of neck pimples

Types of neck pimples

neck pimples
neck pimples

Before looking at the various triggers of neck pimples, we feel it is as well significant to mention different types of pimples that can appear on an individual’s neck.

a.      Comedones

These are what are widely known as whiteheads and blackheads. Their occurrence depends on whether the skin pores are open or closed. Blackheads come into being when the pores are open exposing the comedone to the air. On the other hand, whiteheads occur when the comedone is closed under a skin layer. Blackheads and whiteheads are considered mild forms of pimples.

b.      Lesions

These are small patches of the skin invaded by pimples, the term lesion can mean something else rather than changes brought about by pimples. Actually, pimple lesions are the types of external comedones when hair follicles are clogged by excess sebum.

c.       Papules

These small skin inflammatory bumps are not pus filled. Some of the very small papules may sometimes occur in clusters as the tissues respond to the newly formed pimples.

d.      Pustules

Pustules are small-inflamed bumps on the skin. They are filled with pus unlike papules. Their formation is aided by three element: bacteria, white blood cells and dead skin cells. The usually form around sebaceous gland or even hair.

e.      Maculae

This is a red spot the show up in after the existence of neck pimples. They are flat, red or elevation against the skin around. The can also be inflamed especially when they occur in groups.

f.        Nodules

This is one of the most painful pimple lesions brought about by pimples including neck pimples. They can extend into the deeper skin layer and can seriously destroy tissues. They can be very painful to extract and are known to leave behind pimples scars.

They are considered severe forms of pimples that demands proper medical intervention or rather strong medications such the application of Isotretinoin.

g.      Cysts

These are kind of big pimple on neck that can contain liquid or semi liquid pus. They are large pimples on neck that can be very severe or life threatening when infected. Cysts are also known to extend deeper into the skin and usually leave behind scar tissues.

The nature of this form of pimple makes it hesitant to many forms of medications employed to cure it. One of the best and appropriate remedy is Isotretinoin.

What causes pimples my on neck?

Neck pimples are caused by the same factors that cause other body pimples. To be clear, neck pimples form when excess sebum combine with dead skin cells to block the hair follicles. The clog then attracts bacteria leading to inflammation as the body releases white blood cells to fight the bacteria. Here are the factors that contributes illustrated process of pimple formation:

Hormonal imbalance

hormonal neck pimples
hormonal neck pimples

It is good to understand that various stages of your life have hormonal changes that can trigger skin disorders including neck pimples.  Hormonal imbalance occurring during ovulation, periods, childbirth, menopause, breastfeeding etc. have been linked to increased chances of getting pimples.

Hormonal acne make pimples show up around your mouth, chin, sides of your chin, chin line, jawlines, back, bottoms, o nose, cheeks, buttocks and other body parts. Any parts of the body having testosterone receptors can experience hormonal acne.

To be exact, high levels of testosterone levels influences sebaceous glands to be overactive – to produce a lot of sebum, which can sum up with dead skin cells to clog up the follicles hence pimple breakouts. Below are other factors that can lead to hormonal imbalance:

  • Stress
  • UV rays
  • Low thyroid
  • Little sleep
  • Genetics

Improper lymphatic drainage

Another factor that can cause pimples on neck area especially towards your chin. Poor lymphatic drainage system normally occurs alongside accumulation of toxins in the body. This is normally experienced around jawline, chin and neck areas and hence considered as critical causative factors for pimples on your neck or even other parts body.

Pimples from Stress

Stress have been considered a major factor that triggers several skin disorders including pimples breakouts. Many reports or researches have revealed that stress increase some levels of hormones in the body.

Some of the hormones such androgen have the potential to surge the level of sebum production hence aiding in pimples formation. Hormonal acne cure procedures can be employed to help intervene such conditions (acne breakout on neck).

Improper use and wrong cosmetics

It is also true that the use of cosmetics and body and hair care products influence the occurrence of pimples on an individual’s body. Some of the cosmetics being used can potentially clog the pores influencing the occurrence of pimples when applied on the skin.

Therefore, it is brainer to opt or shift to the application of the skin care products labeled noncomedogenic; such cosmetics cannot block the pores.

Abnormal shedding of skin cells

Though shedding of skin cells (desquamation) is a natural process that can indicate that your body is ok, it can also be an issue as far as pimple formation is concerned. When the dead skin cells are shed off from stratum corneum, the new cells take their root, when this process begin to go beyond the average then the dead skin cells can combine with excess sebum to block the pores and hence pimple formation.

Improper Individual hygiene

Some causative factors of neck pimples can be influenced by aspects of personal hygiene. Personal hygiene can influence the formation or even worsen the condition of already formed pimples on your neck.

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the common practices that are considered non-hygienic and that can potentially lead to the formation of neck pimples or even general body pimples. Below are the non-hygienic practices that can influence the formation of body pimples:

  • Allowing dirty cellphones to touch your neck or chin. Many people love holding cellphones using their chin and neck as they do other tasks. You should understand that some traces of skin oils and acne bacteria are already present in those cellphones and can trigger the occurrence of pimples on your chin, jawline as well as neck.
  • Another circumstance involve touching your face, chin or neck with dirty hands. This is risky since it can spread dirt, acne bacteria and oils.
  • Again, there are some musical instrument such as guitar that are usually held on the neck. Such dirty instrument can lead to acne breakout in the affected areas. Similarly some dirty musical instrument played by mouth can also lead to the same problem when they come into contact with your chin, jawline and neck. This is also the condition that triggers pimples around mouth.

Other causes of neck pimples

Besides the above, here are more causes of pimples on neck you need to be aware of:

  • Hormonal acnes can break out on your neck when you just cease the application of contraceptives
  • Occurrence of pimples on neck can also be influenced by too much sweating may be from heavy task or exercise. Remember sweat can lead to blocked pores hence facilitating pimple on your neck
  • Improper diet can also contribute towards the formation of neck pimples for instance food with low glycemic Index and inflammatory foods can trigger pimples
  • Excessive drinking and smoking usually tend to surge the formation of pimples specifically blackheads and whiteheads
  • There are also several infections that are to be blamed for pimple breakouts, they include facial ringworms, abscess, actinic keratosis, insect bites cold sores, discoid lupus erythematous, wart, rosacea, , boils, moles, melanoma, perioral dermatitis among many more.

    Neck bumps from shaving - razor bumps
    Neck bumps from shaving – razor bumps
  • Some neck pimples especially in men may result from shaving. There may be many reasons for this. Among them we have wrong choice of shaving cosmetics or the tools themselves, using dirty tools, shaving the wrong direction, poor aftershave care and poor shaving procedures. So all medical procedures should be observed during the whole half of shaving the chin or cheek hair
  • Lack of adequate rest can also lead to this problem
  • Genetics deposition. “Excessive accumulation of acne can be due to genetic predisposition from one parent to their children” [Healtreatcure.org].

Pimples on the Back of the Neck

pimple on back of the neck
pimple on back of the neck

Pimples occurring on the back of the neck are just the same as other body pimples except for the facial pimples. They can occur alongside various challenges i.e. they can be very painful and may have long life span. Some of such pimples have got rapid onset hence don’t have a clear symptom.

The skin on the back of the neck tends to be thicker that the skin on the front of the neck as well as facial skin. This makes the skin on the back of the neck to produce a lot of oils, following this fact, the skin on the back of the neck may develop severe forms of pimples including cyst and nodules or even large whiteheads.

According to Lightskincure.org, “Neck acne tends also to be more prevalent in the boys and men, but girls and the women may have it as well”. This is because both sexes share some of the pimples causative factors including the fact that men have more hairy back and neck areas.

In this note, we should remember that the same factors that induce facial or body acne could also cause pimples on neck. It is also good to acknowledge that there are factors that can aggravate or worsen the neck pimples.

Sometimes neck pimples can be unsightly that may force the bearer to put on collared shirts to conceal them. On the contrary, this can onset of ‘dreadful plane crush’-collared shirts lead to irritations that can worsen the pimples. Therefore it is recommended to wear shirt without collars when you experience neck pimples

Pimples on front of neck

Pimples on the front of neck
Pimples on the front of neck

The skin of the front neck is not as thick as the back neck skin and therefore is very sensitive just like facial skin. This is why the same medical therapies used to treat facial pimples can also be used to treat the pimples occurring on front of the neck.

Since the skin of the front of the neck is not that thicker, the prevalent form of pimples here are whiteheads and blackheads. Normally, pimples may form on chins and cheeks and then spread to the front skin of the neck as well as back skin of the neck.

We must not forget to remember that similar factors that cause other body pimples are the same factors that also trigger pimples on front of the neck.

Again, the severity of the neck pimples may range from mild to moderate to severe, and the severity will depend on many factors such as underlying causes, sensitivity of the skin among others.

Pimples on neck, chin and cheek

Neck, cheek and chin (especially jawline) are linked areas such that a pimple occurring in one area can easily extend to all of these areas. You should understand that chin and jawline are the most common area to suffer pimples. The reasons behind what causes pimples on chin as well as neck and cheek are changes in hormonal circles or hormonal imbalances in the body.

In the cheeks, the commonly known kind of pimple to invade this area is called acne vulgaris. It is also common in the forehead.

There is another kind of pimple called acne mechanica (irritation acne). Acne mechanica is a kind of pimple that commonly occur on the jawline. It can be an itchy pimple and can be due to the following reasons:

pimples on jawline
pimples on jawline
  • Wearing the helmets or hats most of the time. Straps for helmets, hats as well as dental appliances can lead to irritations and hence acne formation. The straps traps sweat on the skin providing conducive environment for the growth acne causing bacteria, they combine with sebum and dead skin cells to form pimples on the jawline
  • Excess sweating from heavy task or exercise such as playing football and so forth can also cause neck pimples.
  • Wrong shaving procedures can also lead to formation of acne mechanica

Pimples forming on the neck, chin and cheeks tend to be larger and more severe. They usually leave behind red or dark pimple scars, which can take longer time to vanish.

Due to the nature of neck pimples, they can be very challenging to treat especially those hard pimples on neck or on the jawline.

Furthermore, the pimples occurring on the jawline can lead to unsightly impression of your entire face and draw away concentration on the facial parts e.g. nose, eyes as well as expressive muscles under your cheeks.

The best way out of this misfortune is to make sure that you keep your jawline as loose (to reduce jawline pressure) as possible to ensure only fewer blemishes crop up on your jawline. Another remedy is to make sure that you clean the jawline skin after sweating but don’t try to scrub away the pimples.

How to get rid of neck pimples – home remedies, treatments and preventions

How to stop pimples on neck or how to cure them depends on several factors including the underlying causes, acne treatment product prices, severity of the pimples symptoms among other factors. However, the most important factor to consider is the underlying causes. This will help in the getting of right and proper treatments. Here are the best treatment for neck acne:

a)      Birth control and hormonal treatments

Many pimples occurring on neck, chin and cheeks can be due to hormonal disorders (surge in the levels of sex hormones). For this case, birth control medications can help regulate some of the sex hormones in women. They can help reduce some of the excessively produced male hormones among women.

The best medication in this context will involve the use of birth control pills containing progesterone and estrogen. They include Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Yaz and Estrostep.  In addition, hormone replacement therapy can also be tried out to act as a remedy for hormonal chin acne.

b)      Prescribed and non-prescribed lotions, gels and creams

Prescribed or non-prescribed creams, gels and lotions can be very good for curing neck pimples as well as chin and cheek pimples. The most effective form that have been proved by many medical practitioner is retinoid, this is due to their ability to unclog the pores and enhancing the capability of antibiotics to treat neck pimples. Some of the brands include Tazorac, Retin-A and Differin

Non-prescribed acne products containing sulphur and benzoyl peroxide can be very effective therapy. For those having very sensitive skins, Aczone (an anti-inflammatory gel) can be the best solution so far. Other best acne care products include:

  • Kate Somerville’s Anti BAC Clearing Face Lotion
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment
  • StriVectin-EV Get Even Spot Repair
  • Try Olay Professional Pro-X Clear UV Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Daily Scrub
  • RoC Multi Correxion Night Treatment
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar K Daily Renovating Acne Treatment

Most of the above listed acne treatment products contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that are usually very helpful in clearing many body disorders.

NOTE: anti-acne face wash, anti-aging creams and lotions should not be used at the same time since they can trigger drying effect to the body leading to another problem altogether. Consult your dermatologist before jumping into the application of various pimple treatment products.

c)      Anti-acne pills and treatment

Pimples has got various remedies that can be employed to banish them. Applications of medications such as Isotretinoin can effectively help cure pimples if you could take the pills on a daily basis.  It is used where other forms of treatments has failed and takes about 5 months to permanently clear the pimples. Isotretinoin can also be used to treat pimples marks or acne scars.

d)      Home natural products for pimples

There are also several home products can be used to treat neck pimples. They act by unclogging the pores and killing the acne triggering bacteria. They include mask, scrubs and strips made from natural home products such as lemon juice, egg white, aloe vera, coconut oils, and tea tree oil among others. They are very cheap and can be suitable for mild forms of neck pimples.

e)      Other procedures that can be used to get rid of neck pimples include:

  • Having a healthy diet
  • Managing stress
  • Having adequate rest and exercise
  • Maintaining proper personal hygiene i.e. taking birth immediately after sweating
  • Refraining from popping the pimples
  • Using warm compresses
  • Application of chemical peel procedures
  • Manual extraction by doctors using fashioned tools or instruments such as pimple extractor.

Formation of neck pimples can involve a rapid onset that you cannot notice some of the symptoms. Moreover, several factors may lead to this problem, so it would be a good idea to liaise with your doctor to establish the underlying causes for proper establishment of suitable medications.

Pimples symptoms whether mild or severe, should be rendered a prompt response to prevent them from spreading. There is also another issue of neck pimples that won’t go away easily. This should be brought to the attention of your dermatologist, and the sooner the better.

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