Peeling Skin around Nails Causes, Cuticles, Under Fingernails, Peeling around Toenails, Treatments...

Peeling Skin around Nails Causes, Cuticles, Under Fingernails, Peeling around Toenails, Treatments and Home Remedies

Do you have a peeling skin around your nails? Can you imagine how your fingertips will look like after the skin around them has peeled off? Peeling skin around the nail can be very irritating leave alone being itchy or painful.

So after getting deeply concerned about the effects of peeling skin around nails, we opted to provide full insight about causes of peeling cuticles, peeling skin under fingernail and peeling skin around toenails. We have also discussed their respective remedies.

What causes skin peeling around nails?

Most of the time we do expose our hands and foot to some irritation and harsh environments. Actually, the peeling skin around our nails is commonly triggered by dry skin around nails, rough fingertips or scaly cuticles.

These conditions can join hands with bacteria to develop severe situations. Taking care of your nails will help impede or limit the chances of developing peeling skin around your nails. This should be done when you are getting manicure, when scrubbing your hands or floor or even going out to intense hot or cold weathers.

Therefore, under this section, we have discussed some of the factors that can trigger peeling cuticles, peeling skin below the nails and peeling skin above the nails. We have also availed their relevant treatments.

According to, “There are numerous possible reasons for skin peeling around nails, ranging from infection to complex internal diseases to simply washing your hands too often without moisturizing. If you don’t know your medical history or cannot tell the detail of your skin condition, it can be next to impossible to figure out why your skin is peeling or dry.” Therefore understanding these causative factors will help us establish excellent procedures to manage the peeling skin around the nails.

Peeling skin around fingernails
Peeling skin around fingernails

Allergic reaction

There are several allergens that have a potential to trigger skin peeling (itchy or non-itchy) around nails. For instance, when the skin around the nails is exposed to nail polish, using too much soapy water, allergic reactions to latex and nickel and irritations triggered by some solvents, all have the same capacity to induce peeling skin. You need to identify the substances you are allergic to and find their alternatives.


The most applicable solution in this case is to identify substances you are allergic to and try to give them your back for a period of about 4 weeks and examine the improvements.

If you or your doctor discovers that the peeling skin around your nails is due to allergic response, antihistamine prescription can be ideal in severe cases where it is inflamed, swollen and painful.

Skin Conditions

Peeling skin around the nails can be due to several skin conditions, these conditions may include:


This disease affect the life cycle of your skin cells. Therefore, those individuals who are suffering from this disease will experience the rapid building up of cells along the skin surface. This will lead to development of silvery, thick scales and painful red patches that may peel after sometime.

Therefore, this condition therefore has the potential to trigger peeling skin around the nails.


Eczema or Atopic dermatitis occurs when the skin is inflamed hence leading to dry itchy skin that can peel thereafter. This condition can be caused by chemical irritants, trauma and even handling paper.

A chronic eczema in hands can lead to some severe condition that can influence the peeling of skin around the nails


This disease is also known as pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema. However, this is not common cause, but we need to give it a close examination since it can trigger mild symptoms of skin peeling around your hands.


If at all peeling skin around your nails are due to skin diseases, then it is be ideal to consult your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible. This is because the doctor will be able to assess the situation, diagnose the disease and the most suitable treatment for it.


In some circumstances, the peeling skin you experience near your nails can be triggered by some chronic infections actually due to moisture or yeast. Bacterial infections can lead to several skin disorders that can trigger lesions. The lesions can take long period to heal.


To be able to manage the signs and symptoms of these infections, the application of antibacterial and antifungal will help to manage the infections due to bacteria and fungi. If the situation doesn’t get any better after about four days, please treat see your doctor immediately.

Lack of minerals

Peeling around fingernails
Peeling around fingernails

Lack of vitamins can be another reason for this kind of peeling. Many individuals believe that vitamin or deficiency can lead to this problem. The deficiency of certain minerals will cause direct skin dryness, this will probably cause the skin in various parts of the body to flake and peel, this can occur around the nails.


If lack of minerals is the reason for peeling skin around nails, you include them in your diet. Make sure that you adapt to the diet that will have the correct amount of healthy fats, minerals, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, proteins and vitamins. This for sure will be a solution.

Bad habits

The peeling problems around your nails can be contributed to by bad habits. A nervous habits of peeling your cuticle and habits like picking or biting at the cuticles and nails can induce a problem to them sometimes even leading to emergence of infections.

You also have to note that damaged skin can also be triggered when the hangnails are ripped off rather than being clipped gently at the bottom using a sterile tool. Therefore, you must not pick or bite the cuticles or nails


The best solution for this case is to refrain from the habit of picking or biting your cuticles or nails. Although it may be difficult to stop these habits at once, but you need to continue making progress as you are patient. Find an ideal stress management program too.

Dry skin around nails

The presence of dry skin around the nails is the major cause of cuticle skin peeling. Actually when cuticles get dry, they will crack, peel and flake as well.

Some of factor that can influence the cuticles to dry are may include excessive hand washing or contact with water, cold, dry weather, use of harsh detergent and soaps, use of acetone nail polish removers.

The intensive drying of the skin around the nails can also lead to pain, redness, and swelling, bleeding, and cracking. There can also be initiation of severe infection when the bacteria find their ways into the skin through the damaged cuticles.


This can be healed by soaking your hands on warm water, taking good care of your hands and feet. Some of the homes products such aloe Vera, cucumber, coconut oil can be applied on the affected skin to supple it. Skin dryness due to other skin diseases can be stopped by treating the underlying diseases. Also, try to protect your fingers when going out to harsh environmental conditions.

Other Causes

Some other causes that can trigger peeling skin around fingers include certain medication and sucking of fingers (common in children). The most effective solution generally is just to take good care of hands and feet to impede this problem.

Peeling cuticles

dry cuticles
dry cuticles

Actually, the cuticle is the area on the fingers just next to where your nails grown from. In most cases, the dry cuticles will peel after sometimes. Usually, the epidermis is constantly peeling off and being replaced as it is rubbed by friction.

Get this together; the flakes are usually so tiny that we could not be able to see them except under microscope. On the other hands, these flakes build up in one layer and start to peel. Actually, this is how peeling cuticles or peeling skin around the fingers comes into being.

Therefore, before you could start to treat your peeling cuticle, you must first sightsee the underlying causes. Here are some of the factors that can lead to dry cuticles hence leading to their peeling:

  • Overworking your hand under harsh condition
  • Working your hands in water for too long, remember water is not a good moisturizer for this case. This is because water will wash away the skin oils
  • Harsh environmental conditions can also cause dry cuticles that will peel after sometime
  • Again, certain skin conditions, some medications or infections can as well trigger cuticle peeling.

The peeling cuticles can be relieved by soaking your hands in warm water, taking good care of your hands, application of hand creams or lotions and daily massaging with essential oils.

Warning: Don’t ever try to peel off your dry cuticles or any dry skin below your fingernails, as you could end up destroying soft healthy skin. This may induce painful infections

Skin peeling under fingernails

Peeling of the skin under the fingernails can also be due to various factors including infections, injuries and dryness of the underneath skin.

Some of the factor that can influence the skin below the fingernails to be dry may comprise working your hands in water for too long, using dehydrating cleaning agents and even exposing your hands to severe environmental conditions such as hot or cold weathers. Allergic responses can also be linked to this problem.

You should be very careful when you are treating peeling skin under nails because; products like lotions will not penetrate the surface layer of the skin to heal the dryness.

However, oils containing jojoba oil can penetrate it. This is because jojoba oil has the tiniest molecular structure that can infiltrate the surface layer of the skin, open up the pores, creaming and conditioning oils in after it. Botanical and solar oils can also be used. The oils should be applied on each nail surface and the skin beneath.

If the peeling skin below the fingernails is due to other diseases, then you will need to treat them depending on their cause.

Skin around peeling toenails

peeling skin around toe nails
peeling skin around toe nails

The skin peeling around toenails can be triggered by two major factors, and these are infections and injuries. Wearing unbeatable footwear can also lead to similar problem by being a source of infections.

Some of these factors can also influence the toenails to fall off. Actually, this phenomenon is more rampant than even the peeling skin around the toenails. Working in harsh environment barefooted can also lead to peeling skin around the nails.

The problem can also be triggered by other diseases attacking your body, so for such cases, treating the underlying diseases can help stop the peeling skin.

How can I prevent the skin around my toenails from peeling?

Below are some of the tips that can help you stop peeling skin around your toenails:

  • Observe proper hygiene habits on a daily basis.
  • Be sure to wear shoes made of breathable materials that offer protection and balance
  • Make sure you dry your feet properly after getting into contact with water.
  • Always wear clean and breathable shocks
  • Don’t ever try to rip of tear peeling skin

Remember there are home remedies and over-the-counter drugs that can manage the peeling, but peeling skin due to infections with severe symptoms will need immediate attention of your doctor.

Home remedies for peeling skin around the nails

Is it possible to treat peeling skin using home remedies? Of course, the answer is YES. It is very possible to heal peeling skin using some of the effective home remedies that we are about to discuss.

However, be sure to establish the root causes since the type of therapy to be employed will depend on the root and the nature of peeling skin. Read through to discover the most effective home remedies that can be used to treat peeling skin around nails.

1.      Honey

apply Honey
apply Honey

Application of pure honey on the affected skin can really help in soothing the skin. After application, the honey should be kept there for around 20 minutes before it could be washed away using lukewarm water. Honey can also be mixed with other products including sandalwood, olive oil and rosewater.

The mixture can be applied daily to keep the skin soft and smooth. Remember to wash away using lukewarm water after the whole process. This will effectively supple the skin and influence the dry skin to fall off.

2.      Warm water

To be able to limit the chances of developing peeling skin around your hands or to manage the situation, you can adopt the practice of rinsing your hands using warm water for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis.

Lemon juice and honey can be added to warm water before you could rinse your hands. After rinsing your hands, you can then dry your hands and apply vitamin E oil, olive oil or a good hand moisturizer on them to maintain good level of moisture in your skin.

3.      Cucumber


Application of cucumber to affected skin can also be another great solution. This process can be employed by cutting thick slices of cucumber and rubbing them gently on the affected skin. Make the juice get absorbed well into the skin. Wash the skin area where you have been applying the cucumber with lukewarm water and repeating the process daily until you get your desired results.

4.      Aloe Vera

Aloe vera
Aloe vera

Because aloe vera has both soothing and cooling properties, it can be an appropriate therapy for skin peeling. To apply it effectively, take out the succulent gel from the leaf of aloe vera plant. You can then rub the gel over the affected part of the skin many times in a day. You won’t believe the result.

Another best way of using this kind of medication, is by drinking two tablespoon of aloe Vera juice on daily basis, though the juice will taste very bitter, try it out for the best result.

5.      Olive Oil

This oil can be used to rinse your affected skin.  However, be sure to heat a virgin olive oil. You can then add a lavender essential oil into the olive oil then rinse your hands using the warms oil.

At the end, gently wash your hands using lukewarm water and apply effective moisturizers after you have dried your hands.


Due to the fact that several causes can influence the skin peeling around the nails (around fingernails or toenails). We must be able to establish the specific causative factor for each situation to choose the right and most suitable medications.

Note that, after trying out some home remedies and over the counter products and you don’t notice any improvement, please book immediate appointment with your dermatologist.

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